We agreed, Alfa Romeo 164 TS are good, nice and, quick cars and have good fuel economy even at high speeds and when sportly driven. Thanks for the coffee and rims, Marley! Don't know what I needed the more after this drive! (Graveyard shift and didn't have any sleep, it's app. 200 km drive to Enschede) Took the German highway back home. Stamped the accelerator and took the rmp needle into the red of the gauge scale several times on the way back home. Wow, quick cars thats what they are. Like the raw racing sound at high rpm's. 200 km driven some more then 1/4 fuel used on the scale...not bad most of the time 5000+ rpm and heavy traffic on some parts of the Autobahn. (brake/full accelerate). This blue car is one of the last 164 series BTW. (double Airbags, black leather power heathed seats, power windows front and rear etc.